Turkey Day!

Looking for Live Music on Turkey Day?  It’s slim pickins in Central PB County, but if you’re feeling stuffed and ready to get out of the house there’s a few places to go.  Jerry Leeman and Big Medicine are scheduled at Copper Blues in City Place 8 PM, and since you won’t be able to attend Friday’s SOLD OUT “Last Waltz” show at Boston’s this is the next best thing!  Just down the walkway Mojito’s will be also be open with their usual Latin Dance band.  On Clematis Street you’ll probably be able to catch Reginald Ellison and his jazz sax at the C Street Cafe.  Piper’s in Greenacres will be open, too, with Southeast entertaining.  

Wellington?  Forget it.  Lake Worth?  All we know about is Chris Coleman from LFTD LVLS playing an acoustic set around 10:30.  Lantana?  Lantana Jack’s will open around dinnertime and should have their regular Karaoke later on.



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