Band Forecast for West Palm Beach

What bands are coming to West Palm this weekend?  Thursday is Country Rock day with the Daniel Keith Band taking the Clematis by Night stage and JC Dwyer and the Blackbirds playing at Copper Blues.  Also Spider Cherry will be at E.R. Bradleys, Ben Child and the Wails will be at O’Shea’s, and the Zoo Peculiar will be Respectable Street’s Thursday Flaunt band.

Friday night gets real busy with Jahzilla at CityPlace, Krazy Train at Copper Blues, DWHAS at Bradley’s, Axcents at O’Shea’s, and a CD Release Party at Respectable’s as Static Momentum releases their first CD with The Metropolitan and King Complex playing, too!

Saturday brings The Culture to CityPlace, the Silent Shout to Copper Blues, Shoeless Soul to Bradley’s, and My Weekend Therapy to O’Shea’s.


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