A Rockin’ Christmas on the Way!

Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Acoustic Rock – it’s going to be all over the West Palm – Wellington – Lantana area the next few days!  Here’s some ROCK bands to help get you in the spirit!

Friday – In West Palm Rogue Theory gets Friday Night off to a bang at E.R. Bradleys, followed by The Three Amigos at O’Shea’s.  Lake Worth has My Weekend Therapy for Evening on the Avenue, and out west it’s the Mighty Quinn at the Brass Monkey Tavern, 56 Ace at Boonie’s, the B-Side Band at Connolly’s, Carnivalle at Piper’s, and Knockdown at Johnny Q’s.  And in Lantana its The People Upstairs at the Old Key Lime House!

Saturday – Perfect Strangers at Connolly’s, Groove Therapy at Old Key Lime, JC Dwyer and the Blackbirds at Piper’s, The Silent Shout at the Rhum Shak, and 56 Ace at Brogues.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  Not much Live Music – be sure to call the Venue first to make sure they’re open before you head anywhere!

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Veteran’s Day Weekend in Lantana!

There’s a whole bunch of Live Music events to pick from all over, including Lantana!  Friday afternoon things get started with Chad and Heather at the Old Key Lime House followed by Ryan and the Rockers, and then on Saturday it’s Red Eye!

Another good Saturday choice is the Leo Lee Rock Band laying at Piper’s, a short drive over in Greenacres!

Leo Lee Rock


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Some bands are better than others for dancing – here’s some that will really get your feet moving tonight!  In Lake Worth check out Rogue Theory at Brogues, Axcents at the Rhum Shak, and Runaway Mile at C.W.S.  Groove Therapy in Lantana and the Swamp Dogs at Johnny Q’s are pretty goo, too.  And out west Connolly’s has Vengeance, The White Elephant has Justified, and way out there at Boonie’s the Might Quinn will be hard at work!  Heading to CityPlace?  Put on your dancing shoes for String Theory downstairs in the plaza then head upstairs to for Extasy at the Blue Martini or Copper Blues for Alex, Mike, Marck, and the rest of The Kinected!


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Friday Music in Central County!

Unknown Hinson is coming to Respectable Street tonight.  Described as “Psychobilly meets surf, country, classic rock and Universal Horror Monsters” we can safely say this is a unique musical act!  If the $17 ticket price is too high you can see Wonderama at CityPlace or The Kinected at Grease for free!

Other good choices are Shades of Blue at Johnny Q’s in Palm Springs, String Theory at Brogues in Lake Worth, and Bounce at the Old Key Lime House in Lantana.


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