Party in Lake Worth!

Want to see 15 bands for $10 bucks tonight?  Head down to J-Street in Lake Worth for the party!  Headliners Lavola and Raggy Monster will be there and a lot more inside Propaganda, Common Grounds Coffee, and in the street.  Or go over to the Bamboo Room for a more traditional New Years celebration with The People Upstairs and JP Soars and the Red Hots or CJ’s Island Grill with the Salty Pirates.

Be sure to stop by Rudy’s on the way to hear Canon and Cohen, Havana Hideout for the Joe Tenuto Band (awesome Blues), and the Nash Carey (Country) Band at Brogue’s!

That’s after you stop by Johnny Q’s with Shades of Blue, the Brass Monkey with Razin’ Kane, and Metaluscious and White Noise at Piper’s!  And the Johnny Tulucci Band at Hero’s in Lantana, and the Joe Dougherty Band at Rosalita’s, and Acoustic Mayhem at the Old Key Lime House, and . . . .

JP Soars at Midtown 2

JP Soars


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