Why Music is Like Drugs

Music, like drugs, can alter our mental chemistry . . .

Source: Why Music is Like Drugs & How to Use it to Impact Your Emotions – Everup

Nothing beats a good Friday band, so head out tonight if you’re feeling down!  Here’s a few great places to go:

Jupiter: The Shed at the Square Grouper, the Andrew Morris Band at Double Roads, and the Clark Rabbitt Band at Guanabanas

PBG: a Sting/Police Tribute Band at Downtown, and Solstice Reign at the Crazy Horse

West Palm: The Kinected at Grease and String Theory at Revolutions

Lake Worth: Jason K and Signal Fire at the Rhum Shak and the Fireside Prophets at Propaganda

Lantana: Bruja at Hero’s and The Cravens at Jack’s Grumpy Grouper

Loxahatchee: The Nightcasters at Boonie’s

Boynton: Knockdown at Elmo’s and Samantha Russell Band at the Twisted Fish

Delray: Chemradery at The Hurricane and Jerry Leeman and Big Medicine at Tim Finnegan’s

Boca: The Flyers at The Duck Tavern and the Rusty Wright Band at the Funky Biscuit